Increase your company’s profit and market share,  improve and build the image and create awareness  with the professional advice and expertise of GIC  Marketing and Corporate Services. About Us GIC is committed to provide the client with professional service and at the  same time value for money.  We are dedicated to our clients and provide first rate assistance. With the goal  in mind to ad value to your business and establish a long term relationship.  GIC evaluates your company’s position in the market, the services and  products on offer, components and circumstances to provide you with suitable  and cost effective marketing solutions.  Marketing is an ongoing process off planning and developing of appropriate  strategies and the evaluation there-off. GIC undertakes the responsibility to  walk this road with its clients on a daily basis.  After the evaluation process GIC Marketing consults the client on cost effective  marketing solutions that generates maximum and efficient exposure.  We will after a period of 3 months assist the client in the evaluation of the  campaign and once again, formulate marketing strategies accordingly.  GIC Marketing & Corporate Services is serious about business, if you can  relate get in touch!